REFLECON® - Scanningspray for 3D Laser Scanning

REFLECON® tarnish Scanningspray has been developed to dull reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces for the 3D optical measurement technique (known as laser scanning).
3D laser scan allows a quick and exact non-contact measurement of complex geometrics. For an optimal measurement of reflecting, mirroring, transparent or dark surfaces a Scanningspray is applied before.

Field of application:
The optical 3D laser measurement is used especially in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • General industrial use
  • Dental & medical engineering
  • Art and culture
  • Reverse Engineering

In these sectors the measurement is performed in the following areas:

  • Optical testing and measuring technology
  • Research & development
  • Quality control
  • Surface inspection
  • Process monitoring

REFLECON® product types:

  • REFLECON® tarnish type 1 – volatile Scanningspray (sublimating)
  • REFLECON® tarnish type 2 – non-volatile Scanningspray
  1. Volatile, sublimates and evaporates residue-free - No post-cleaning of the parts or surface needed
  2. 100% free of Cyclododecane!
  3. Different contrasts available (low to high)
  4. Products with different sublimatiton times (low to hight)
  5. Very good adhesion and removeability of marker points on layer of matting agent at average layer thickness
  6. Excellent wetability characteristics on the surface mentioned